I’m finally feeling somewhat organised for our Christmas!


I’ve wrapped a million pressies (well, about 15!!), & got them away in the post, we’ve put up our tree, & we’ve listened to a Christmas CD!



I was inspired by a ball of shop twine this year.  I’ve wrapped everything in tissue lined brown paper, like they used to do in full service stores.  I still remember going to this one old fashioned store with my Mum when I was quite young, & being fascinated watching the sales person wrap Mum’s purchase in  a huge piece of brown paper, so deftly, with sharp creases & corners… I remember the huge roll of paper on this great big metal stand, I remember the huge metal sticky tape dispenser (you know, those grey ones with a teddy bear face on the side??), I remember the tape always looked yellowish…  I remember loving how the finished parcel was firm but squishy & made a great sound…  Loved it all!  So this year, all our gifts have been wrapped with huge pieces of brown paper, & have long ‘tails’ overlapping, then I added the shop twine & a ‘100% Certified’ seal for good measure, finished off with a pencilled greeting on a shipping tag.  Then, just to add to the fun, I’ve put some inside my fave gusseted brown paper bags, hand stamped with the receiver’s initial in chalky blue ink…  I LOVE to wrap!!! ;]














Here’s our Christmas tree!  It doesn’t photograph all that well… but I love it!!  We moved to a smaller house & it doesn’t really have a space that lends itself to a lovely big green tree, so we went with this” espelliered” look!! It’s a great space saver, cos it’s quite flat!!  I love that I can still have a tall tree, but not lose my whole lounge room!  I found these gorgeous rusty balls, stars & hearts @ my local quilting shop, the straight willow branches came from my favourite florist (Venus), & we used a couple of Sizzix dies & Carl punches to create a bunch of ornaments from rich cream & pale blue Bazzil Bling.  The whole tree has a light, ethereal quality that I love…


I hope you’re all enjoying your Christmas preparations, without too much stress creeping in! (It’s supposed to be fun!!)