Ohhh, I do love technology, but sometimes, I could just toss it out the proverbial window!!!  Our computer technician has been to my house more than my friends have been in the last month!!! 

 We’re now in the process of transferring information, details, setting, & all the rest from old computers to this new, now fully functioning (??????) computer… It’s quite a circus – 3 computers, 2 screens & more cables than a sunspension bridge!!!  We will get there… eventually!!  I’m looking forward to a tidy desk, with one reliable computer + screen…{sigh}…. 

However, while I’ve been ‘offline’, we’ve been having a most wonderful time in the real world!!

We’ve had friends and family come to stay with us, who’ve not made the plane trip down to us before, so it was a real treat!! I think the travelling ‘adventure’ was a bit offputting, but I hope they’ll consider a return trip!!

Here’s a few photos from our touristy activities –


Thanks for coming down to visit us guys!! Much Love 2 u all!