We had a glorious Christmas Day + I thought I’d share a few snaps from the day.  Now, I don’t like to share photos of my family – I’m too much of a cyber-safety ‘freak’ for that!!  So, you’ll mostly get my food snapshots.  Yes, I take photos of food…  a part of me says that’s quite tragic, but another part of me says it’s a beautiful thing!
Now, for my Northern Hemisphere readers, these photos will be a bit odd, but we have Christmas in the summer here in Oz, so salads + seafood are often the order of the day!

my new bike!  thanks dh! [terrible photo, but I had to share – I am so excited about my new toy!]

hmmm, what could this be??? such clever wrapping – how could anyone guess?? :} 

freshly dug ‘pink-eye’ potatoes – straight from our veggie patch + into the roasting pan!

 roast veggie salad – yum, yum, yum! 

bbq’d pork + mango – more yumminess!

spit roasted chook [the back story here is that I only attempted to roast my first chicken about 3 years ago, so I’m still really impressed with myself everytime I roast a chook!!] 

+ for a twist on tradition, we finished off with my dh’s famous violet crumble cheesecake with a few festive extras [choc + fresh blueberries] perfect!

 So, that was our day – perfect weather, lots of wonderful, thoughtful gifts, phone calls + delicious food. 

I hope your day, was equally memorable + warm!


Wendy ;]