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I just had to boast about my latest culinary escapade!  Forgive me this indulgence…


My daughter’s school house held a fundraising cake + lolly stall this week, raising funds for World Vision, the upshot of this is I had the perfect excuse to abandon housework & have a play with a piping bag! 



What do you think?


DD’s house colour is lime green – hence the sticky labels I made in Word, printed onto inkjet label paper & punched out with my large circle punch, which happily fitted the circular depression in the lid perrrfectly!  The container is the dinner roll section of the takeaway soup & roll containers you see used in sandwich shops.  I sourced these from my local office supply shop – the lovely assistant & I made fools of ourselves, testing if these 2 parts would lock together without the soup part that normally goes with it…. & after failing, the lovely assistant said the magic words “try it the other way up”  Viola!!

The icing is done using a technique I found here, & hadn’t had a chance (=excuse!) to try out yet – it was sooo easy, but I do need to buy myself a  larger petal tip to get a better proportioned petal.


Ok, thus endeth the boasting!  It’s just so gratifying when you create & actually get a result you’re somewhat proud of, isn’t it??!!





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