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I’ve been MIA [MissingInAction] for some time now!!


We’ve had loads of drama with our computer – so much so, the manufacturer decided it best to send us a new machine!  Buuuut, when it finally arrived, it too crashed!! So, needless to say, checking emails, let alone updating my blog, has been a bit of a challenge!


Thanks + apologies to everyone who’s been ‘dropping by’ over the last couple of weeks! 


I’d love to say when I’ll be back on deck, but I’ve given up on predictions!!  I’ll wait till I’ve a reliable PC again, before I go ‘counting my proverbial chickens’!!


I’m working on my first video project, & hoping to see it posted soonish!  It’s all a bit difficult with limited technology access – what ever did I do BC (Before Computers)??!!


edited to add  – I’m actually able to upload this picture of the collection of goodies from that I’ve used:






I’m a happy little vegemite – my little blog is now 3 weeks old (which also means I’m 3 weeks closer to 40, but lets not dwell on that!!), & I’ve reached the 200 visitors milestone!

I’m so grateful for every visit, & every comment.  I appreciate you ‘popping over’ to ‘visit’ me.  I hope you find something here that keeps you coming back! 😉

tHanks thAnks thaNks thanKs thankS Thanks tHanks thAnks thaNks thanKs


Wow, it’s been a whole week since launching my blog.  I’ve had so much fun (& used up so much time!) working on this blog. 

Co-incidently, I’ve also reached a magic 100 visitors!!  I am so grateful to you all for dropping by!  I hope you continue to come back, as I grow this site, I hope it becomes even more rewarding for you to ‘come on over’.

thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou


Now she's bloggingit!
I hope you enjoy your visit - a little fun, a little inspiration, a little retail therapy & lots of creativity. ;)
'She works with her hands in delight' Proverbs 31:13

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